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11 Tools To Help You Create Awesome AI-Powered Content Today 2022

We’ve heard about AI for content creation for a while now, but now it’s here and it’s being used by millions of users. If you want to create WordPress posts, blog posts or articles, there are some great tools out there that will help you do so. Some of these products are free to use, but for others, there is a price tag associated with them. 11 Tools To Help You Create Content That Your Audience Wants To Read.

This blog post will cover 11 tools that I highly recommend you use to create awesome AI-powered content in 2022. The tools are as follows:

Best AI Copywriting Tools In The Market

1. Jasper, formerly Jarvis (Best for overall AI writing)

There is no denying that is the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool available on the market.
You can use it to write high-quality product descriptions and even long-form content like this blog post.

This program uses machine learning to generate a copy that sounds like a human conversation. It’s used by large brands, small businesses, and everything in between.

In addition to creating the most original content available, Jasper automates the process of creating content for you, saving you countless hours of work.

It’s the ideal content marketing tool to optimize your product listings, website copy, blog articles, and even YouTube videos.

If you are on a very tight budget, Rytr is a more affordable alternative to Jasper.

In many ways, it’s similar to Jasper, as it uses the same generative copywriting templates and works in a similar manner.

The quality and accuracy of the content work well for digital advertising, google ads, and landing pages, but it does not translate well to content produced for longer forms of distribution like blog posts.

Taking into account what Rytr offers, it’s well worth its price when you’re only looking for a good tool for writing short-form content, like video content descriptions, Amazon product listings, blog ideas, blog intros, and website copywriting, and the like.

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3. Peppertype (Affordable)

Peppertype provides an easy-to-use Ai copywriting tool that makes it fun and easy to produce content that stands out.

You can begin by choosing one of its pre-trained “templates” to generate content for your product listings, descriptions, website blogs, YouTube video descriptions, or article writing.

Additionally, it employs various copywriting frameworks such as before-after-bridge (B-A-B), pain-agitation-solution (PAS), AIDA copywriting, and more.

It is lightweight and simpler than the competitor

CopyMatic produces all the copy you need to promote your business. CopyMatic requires no prior writing experience and is entirely beginner-friendly.

Copymatic’s AI-powered content authoring program not only produces professional marketing copies for you but also boosts ROI and conversions. With this software, you can create high-converting written content in no time across a range of niches.

Its unique selling point is its use of the Generative PreTrained Transformer 3, or GPT-3, to provide 100% plagiarism-free content.

With the CopyMatic AI tool, you can make great content that converts. You do not need to hire a copywriter to create better scripts for your business, CopyMatic does everything for you. The only way you can convert visitors into real sales is to generate interesting copies and engaging content.

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5. AISEO (Best for SEO)

The AI writing assistant at AISEO will help you write, optimize, and rewrite content/blog posts for 10x more efficiency.

A few clicks on’s assistant and you’re done with your SEO-optimized post.

As you create articles and posts through AISEO, you can create multiple versions, each with its own unique approach and angle.

In this way, you can target a greater number of keywords and increase your search engine ranking chances.

AISEO is also continually updated with new features and improvements, so you can be confident that you are always getting the best possible service.

Scalenut is another platform that assists you in producing content that serves your business goals using AI-powered content research and copywriting.

You can generate blog ideas, ads, social posts, product descriptions, and so much more with its AI copywriter.

The best part of Scalenut is its integration with SEO ASSISTANT, which provides you with actionable insight with real-time tracking of SEO parameters to help you rank higher on Google.

Also, they launched their Chrome extension that makes writing content more engaging, insightful, and creative.

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The AI writer Anyword is well known for its ability to write highly effective ads for social media channels, but it also has some cool features that can make it a great option for an all-around AI writer.

Content creators use Anyword to evaluate and choose the right copy to convey their message. The tool offers predictive performance scores as well as AI-generated keywords.

They help their customers to increase conversion rates by 20%-30% using their data-driven copywriting approach.

All channels and formats can be generated with AI texts. This includes Ad copy, landing pages, blog posts, emails, SMS, and more.

Anyword also provides a Predictive Performance Score that assigns a grade to each copy variation based on its potential to convert. Thousands of dollars of ad spending are used to power these scores. In addition to giving you insights into your audience’s basic demographics, the platform also gives insights into the tone and style of your content.

Another competitive AI writing tool in the market is Writesonic which targets marketing teams, agencies, and eCommerce brands.

They have compiled 40+ copy type templates that cover website copy, digital ad copy, article author, eCommerce copy, and copywriting formulas, among others.

Furthermore, Writesonic offers specific tools for creating AI-based content for press releases, growth ideas, product names, etc.

Apparently, their artificial intelligence is programmed to study the copy of some of the most profitable brands, in order to create a copy that converts well.

You should use CopyAI to have all the creative flexibility you need when it comes to content writing and copywriting.

This copywriting tool helps you create creative and effective copy that will engage your readers.

With the tool, you can also improve your copywriting skills by experimenting with different writing prompts.

If you need to write sales copy that sells or if you just want to make your point more clearly, CopyAI will create words that are suitable for whatever purpose you are trying to accomplish.

Therefore, CopyAI is the ideal tool for you no matter if you need ideas or if you just want to boost your productivity!

Wordtune differs somewhat from the other AI copywriting software listed here. The tool is more about rephrasing your content than helping you write long-form content.

Wordtune’s content rephrasing capabilities are what set it apart from other AI writers, as it helps you to improve your content’s tone, word choice, and flow.

If you are having difficulty finding the perfect words to express what you want to say, it can be helpful to create short-form copy, like email or rephrase what you want to say.

Grammarly is not a replacement for any of the other AI content writers such as Jarvis AI and Copy AI listed above – it is an essential tool to use in addition to them.

When you are working with AI writers, you don’t just want to correct their grammar and structure, but you also want to ensure the originality of the content you will eventually incorporate.

Grammarly’s best feature is that it integrates easily with most AI writers. You just need to enable the Grammarly browser extension to make it work in the content generators of most artificial intelligence tools.

AI writers like Jarvis AI offer Grammarly built-in so there is no extra cost to you.

It is true that Grammarly is an outstanding writing assistant in general, but we want to simply focus on its AI-related features, which can be used in conjunction with other AI content generation tools.

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Other AI Content Generators

Other AI writing software not mentioned in this guide include: Wordhero, Frase, WordAI, Article Forge, AI Writer, Surfer SEO, SEMRUSH, Market Muse, Writer, Outranking, Headline, ShortlyAI, Unbounce Smart copy, Weglot


Writing quality content for your blog takes time. It can be intimidating, to begin with, a blank page, no matter how energized you are.

The rise of the best AI writing software shows how fast the world is evolving. Initially, these checkers were purely a means of checking spelling, grammar, or word choice. Businesses can now engage them for a range of content creation needs, including blogs. Consequently, the AI software will become even more sophisticated and will provide even greater value as demand for AI-created content grows.

If you need instant quality content for your blog, take a look at the writing apps I’ve shared on this listing. You’ll be amazed at how your blank page will be filled with fantastic content in seconds.

Happy AI Writing!


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