Month: February 2019

CS302-Digital Logics and Design Final Term Past Papers | SSWT

CS302 Past Papers CS302_Final_term_past_papers_file_01 Download CS302_Final_term_past_papers_file_02 Download CS302_Final_term_past_papers_file_03 Download CS302_Final_term_past_papers_file_04 Download CS302 Past Papers by MOAZ CS302_Final_term_papers_Objective_Questions Download CS302_Final_term_papers_Subjective_Questions Download

CS401-Computer Architecture and Assembly language Programming Final Term Past Papers | SSWT

CS401 Short Notes by Superstarwebtech CS401_mid_term_short_notes_by_sswt Download CS401_final_term_short_notes_by_sswt Download CS401 Past Papers MCQS CS401_Final_term_papers_MCQS_file_01 Download CS401 Past Papers SUBJECTIVE + MCQs CS401_Final_term_papers_Subj_MCQs_all_in_one_file Download CS401 Past Papers by MOAZ CS401_Final_term_papers_Objective_Questions Download CS401_Final_term_papers_Subjective_Questions Download CS401 Past Papers Zip CS401_Final_term_papers_Zip_file_01 Download CS401_Final_term_papers_Zip_file_02 Download CS401_Final_term_papers_Zip_file_03 Download CS401_Final_term_papers_Zip_file_04 Download CS401_Final_term_papers_Zip_file_05 Download

CS401 Assembly Language Final Term Short Notes And Important Points Chapter 8-17 (lecture 23-45)

CS401-Computer Architecture Assembly Language Helping Material Dear Students, here you can find all lecture notes for Final Term Exam preparations for subject CS401-Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming. We are providing Helping material for CS401 such as important lecture notes, Chapter wise short notes, and MCQS. Important lecture notes are in the form of pdf …

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CS301-Data Structures Final Term Past Papers | SSWT

CS301 Past Papers SUBJECTIVE QUESTIONS CS301_Final_term_papers_Subj_Ques_file_01 Download CS301_Final_term_papers_Subj_Ques_file_02 Download CS301 Past Papers By Waqar and Hadi CS301_Final_term_past_papers_file_01 Download CS301_Final_term_past_papers_file_02 Download CS301_Final_term_past_papers_file_03 Download CS301_Final_term_past_papers_file_04 Download CS301_Final_term_past_papers_file_05 Download CS301 Past Papers by MOAZ CS301_Final_term_papers_Objective_Questions Download CS301_Final_term_papers_Subjective_Questions Download

CS201-Introduction to Programming Final Term Past Papers | SSWT

CS201 Past Papers MCQS CS201_Final_term_papers_MCQS_file_01 Download CS201 Past Papers 2005 CS201_Final_term_papers_2005_file_01 Download CS201_Final_term_papers_2005_file_02 Download CS201 Past Papers 2006 CS201_Final_term_papers_2006_file_01 Download CS201_Final_term_papers_2006_file_02 Download CS201 Past Papers 2009 CS201_Final_term_papers_2009_file_01 Download CS201_Final_term_papers_2009_file_02 Download CS201_Final_term_papers_2009_file_03 Download CS201 Past Papers 2010 CS201_Final_term_papers_2010_file_01 Download CS201_Final_term_papers_2010_file_02 Download CS201_Final_term_papers_2010_file_03 Download CS201_Final_term_papers_2010_file_04 Download CS201 Past Papers by MOAZ CS201_Final_term_papers_Objective_Questions Download CS201_Final_term_papers_Subjective_Questions Download

CS101-Introduction to Computing Final term Past Papers | SSWT

CS101 Past Papers MCQS CS101_Final_term_papers_MCQS_file_01 Download CS101_Final_term_papers_MCQS_file_02 Download CS101_Final_term_papers_MCQS_file_03 Download CS101_Final_term_papers_MCQS_file_04 Download CS101 Past Papers SUBJECTIVE QUESTIONS CS101_Final_term_papers_Subj_Ques_file_01 Download CS101_Final_term_papers_Subj_Ques_file_02 Download CS101_Final_term_papers_Subj_Ques_file_03 Download CS101_Final_term_papers_Subj_Ques_file_04 Download CS101 Past Papers by MOAZ CS101_Final_term_papers_Objective_Questions Download CS101_Final_term_papers_Subjective_Questions Download CS101 Past Papers Short Notes CS101_Final_term_past_papers_Short_Notes Download CS101 Past Papers Zip CS101_Final_term_past_papers_Zip_file_01 Download CS101_Final_term_past_papers_Zip_file_02 Download CS101_Final_term_past_papers_Zip_file_03 Download CS101_Final_term_past_papers_Zip_file_04 Download

ACC501-Business Finance Final Term Past Papers | SSWT

ACC501 Past Papers ACC501_Final_term_papers_MCQS_file Download ACC501 Past Papers 2006 ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2006_file_01 Download ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2006_file_02 Download ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2006_file_03 Download ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2006_file_04 Download ACC501 Past Papers 2008 ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2008_file_01 Download ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2008_file_02 Download ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2008_file_03 Download ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2008_file_04 Download ACC501 Past Papers 2007, 2009, 2011 ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2007_file_01 Download ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_2009_file_01 Download ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_20011_file_01 Download ACC501 Past Papers Zip ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_Zip_file_01 Download ACC501_Final_term_past_papers_Zip_file_02 Download

VU Final term Past Papers | SSWT

Dear Students, here you can find past papers for Final Term Exam (Spring / Fall) preparations for all subjects (ACC,CS,MTH,ENG,…STA). We are providing Helping material for all subjects such as: Past papers by Waqar Sidhu, Moaz, and others. Past papers are in different file formats (PDF, .docx, zip). Here you can download Latest / Past …

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ENG101 English Comprehension | Assignment No.2 Solution | Spring 2018 | Due Date : May 2018

Eng101-English Comprehension Spring 2018Assignment No. 2Total Marks: 20Lectures: 10-18 Instructions: ·         Upload your assignments in a proper format, i.e. MS word file. Corrupt files will be awarded zero marks. ·         The assignments should be zoomed in at 100%. ·         Please avoid plagiarism; plagiarized work will be marked zero. ·         After the due date, the assignments …

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