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Subject: CS101-Intro to Computing
Semester: SPRING 2019
Assignment No. 2
Due date: 27 May 2019


CS101-Intro to Computing Assignment 2 #Question #Preview

You are required to develop an HTML webpage according to the following instructions.

Title of your webpage should be CS101_Student ID (e.g. CS101_BC123456789)
Main heading should be “Create an Account” and it should be center aligned. Also, make sure the size of heading should be larger than the text displayed in the body of page.
Apply some Background color to your web page (other than white).
Use “Form” and “Table” in your assignment.
Create 6 text input boxes to enter “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Mobile Number”, “Confirm Mobile Number”, “Password” and “Confirm Password”.
Maximum length of “Mobile Number” and “Confirm Mobile Number” should not be more than 12 digits.
For the sake of privacy, the text in “Password” and “Confirm Password” input boxes should appear as dot (•).
Create a Drop-Down List to display the Date from range 1 to 31.
Create a Drop-Down List to display all the Months (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, and Dec).
Create a Drop-Down List to display Year from range 1980 to 2002 as shown in the image.
Create two Radio buttons labeled as “Male” and “Female”.
Create two buttons labeled as “Reset” and “Submit”.
All the data in the form should be cleared when user clicks “Reset button”.
Page should be redirected to https://vulms.vu.edu.pk/, when user clicks on “Submit button”.

A Sample Webpage is attached below for further understanding. Make sure to follow the same format as given in this sample.
CS101-Intro to Computing Assignment 1 Solution! Download!

CS101 Assignment_2 Solution SPRING_2019 ———————- Download

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