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CS201-Intro to Programming Assignment no. 1 Solution SPRING 2019 Due date: 13 May, 2019

Subject: CS201-Intro to Programming
Semester: FALL 2019
Assignment No. 1
Due date: 13 May 2019


CS201-Intro to Programming Assignment 1 #Question
XYZ University wants to track students’ admissions. They need a program in C++ which will automate the process.

·         The program will display the following menu options to user:-


Please select the program option, in which you want to enter enrollments.

Please enter option 1 for BCS program.

Please enter option 2 for BIT program.

Please enter option 3 for the BBA program.

Please enter option 4 for BA program.


·         First the user will select the program option, for any invalid option the program should not perform any calculation and display an error message like:-


Press any key to continue…

·         On pressing any key from the keyboard, the program should start again from the beginning.

·         Upon entering the valid program option, the program will ask the user to enter students’ enrollment for four years as:-

o   Please enter number of students in Year 1.

o   Please enter number of students in Year 2.

o   Please enter number of students in Year 3.

o   Please enter number of students in Year 4.

·         After entering the valid program option and students’ enrollment data for four years, the department name of the program needs to be displayed. (e.g. for BCS & BIT, the department name needs to be DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, for BBA, the department name should be DEPRTAMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION while for BA, the department name should be DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS.)

·         Finally, the program will perform some calculations and will display the following information:-

o   The number of students in each year.

o   The percentage of student’s enrollment in each year against particular program.

o   The total number of students in the program.

o   Also if the number of students enrolled in a year is greater than 100, then display a message that THE NUMBER OF STUDENTS ENROLLED IN THAT YEAR IS OVER THE LIMIT.

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