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CS302-Digital Logics and Design Assignment no. 1 Solution FALL 2019 Due date: 11 November, 2019

Subject: CS302-Digital Logics & Design (DLD)

Semester: FALL 2019 
Assignment No. 1

Due date: 11 November, 2019

CS302-DLD Assignment 1 #Questions

Question no. 1:

Perform Arithmetic operations (+,-,*,/) on following floating-point numbers by manipulating their mantissa and exponent parts
Number 1=502.1
Number 2=23.7

Question no. 2:

Add 19 and -29 using 2’s complement method.

Question no. 3:

A CMOS circuit is developed whose capacitance of internal power dissipation is 250 µF, the capacitance of the attached load is 470 µF and the frequency of output signal is 50Hz. You are required to find total dynamic power dissipation of the given circuit if its supply voltage is 25 volts.

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