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CS304-Object Oriented Programming | Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018 | Due date: 05 june, 2018

CS304-OOP Assignment No 2 Spring 2018 | Due Date: 05 June, 2018

Dear Students, CS304-Object Oriented Programming Assignment no 2 Solution has been uploaded for Semester Spring 2018.
Due date: 05 June, 2018
Total Marks: 20
Lectures covered: 10-18

CS304-OOP Assignment Instructions:

Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment: It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if: 

  • The assignment is submitted after due date.  
  • The assignment is submitted via email.  
  • The assignment is copied from Internet or from any other student.  
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.  
  • It is in some format other than .cpp.

Note: You are supposed to submit your assignment in .cpp format. Any other formats like scan images, PDF, zip, doc, rar and bmp etc will not be accepted. All types of plagiarism are strictly prohibited. 

CS304-OOP Objective of Assignment

The objective of this assignment is:

  • To give you the idea of practical implementation of some concepts like, definition of classes, Data members, member functions, Constructors, Composition etc. 

For any query about the assignment, contact at 

CS304-OOP Assignment 2 Problem Statement

We have the following part of class diagram showing composition relationship:

CS304-OOP Assignment 2 Class Diagram

You are required to implement above class diagram (complete program) in C++ with all data members, constructors, member functions and concept (composition) given in the class diagram/table 1.

Class Name
ABC Company
-Default constructor
-Default constructor
-Default constructor
-Default constructor
-Default constructor
-Default constructor

                               Table1: Classes

CS304-OOP Assignment No 2 Sample Output

Note: See the sample output to view the messages you need to print in constructors of all classes.

CS304-Sample Output

CS304-OOP Assignment No 2 Solution Spring 2018

CS304-OOP Assignment 2 Solution File Download

Download the solution file from the following link:

CS304-Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018.cpp