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Subject: CS304-Object Oriented Programming
Semester: FALL 2018
Assignment No. 2
Due date: 30 January, 2019


CS304-OOP Assignment 2 #Question
Write a program containing three classes Person, Student, and Exam for an Examination database using Inheritance. Class Person is the base class, Student is the intermediate base class, and Exam is the derived class. The Student class should inherit the properties of Person class whereas, the Exam class should inherit the properties of Student class (directly) and properties of Person class (indirectly). Implement the model shown in figure using the following hints.

Data Members

Person Class:Name, Gender Age

Student Class:RollNo, Subject

Exam Class:Sub1Marks, Sub2Marks

Member Functions

You are required to write the following member functions for all three classes:

·         readData()

·         displayData()
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