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CS401-Assembly Assignment no. 3 Solution SPRING 2019 Due date: 22 July, 2019

Subject: CS401-Assembly language Programming

Semester: SPRING 2019 
Assignment No. 3

Due date: 22 JULY 2019

CS401-Assembly language Assignment 3 #Question

Q: Write assembly language (Terminate and Stay Resident) program that will print your complete VUID (only when specific timer ticks have lapsed) by hooking Timer Interrupt. (20 Marks)


· In this program, you have to hook Timer Interrupt and write your own Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) which will store timer count (tick count)
· In order to store total tick count, use a double word variable
· As soon as tick count reaches the last digit of your VUID, your VUID must be printed on the screen. You may treat VUID as a String and give its address and length as a parameter to the subroutine. As an alternative, you may also use String Instructions (like LODS or STOS for printing)

· For Example: if student ID is BC180212356 then after 6 tick counts, BC180212356 should be displayed on the screen.

· There’s no need to include screenshots of the final output. Your solution file must be a single Word file containing complete code.

· This assignment covers video lectures 23 to 27

CS401-Assembly Language Assignment 3 Solution! Download!

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