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CS401-Assembly language ASSIGNMENT 3 Solution Spring 2018 Due date: 31 July, 2018

Assignment No. 3
Semester Spring 2018
CS401- Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

Total Marks: 15

Due Date: 31/07/2018

CS401-Assembly Language Assignment # 3

Question: 1                                         [15 Marks]

You are required to write a TSR program that will print total number of characters in your name (including spaces within complete name) on top left corner of screen once you will press first letter of your name from keyboard.


For example let’s say your name is Muhammad Usman Jan, and your VUID is bc123456789
You will write code for TSR such a way that if you will press “m” (first letter of your name in lower case) , 18 will printed on top left corner of screen . You will submit code and a screen shot in word file.
Screenshot will contain the command to compile the code, Same screen shot will contain number of
characters printed on screen after pressing first letter of your name.

CS401-Assembly Language Assignment #NOTE

Note 1: You will use DOSBOX only to compile and execute your code.

Note 2: keep name of assembly file according to your VU id , i.e. if your VU id is BC123456789 , you will keep name of the assembly code file as 23456789.asm i.e. you will use last 8 digits of your id for the code file name.
Note 3: If the code or files names in the screen shot will not be according to your own VU id you will get zero marks.
Note 4: No marks will be given if code will not be both correct & complete in all aspects.
Note 5: You will use your complete name which you have in VU-LMS account.
Note 6: Scan codes are given at the end in Figure 1, on page 3
Note 7: No marks will be given, if above instructions will not be followed exactly.

Example Run
Let say your id is BC123456789 , Your Name is Muhammad Usman Jan
Your screen shot will look like this

Note: No need to draw the red circle, this is for student’s understanding only.

CS401-Assembly Language Assignment 3 #VIDEO

CS401-Assembly Language Assignment 3 solution file !Download!

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