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CS401 mid term current paper subjective questions and mcqs from June 23 – July 04 spring 2018

Total Questions: 23
MCQS: 18
Subjective Question: 5
3 and 5 marks questions



Subjective Questions:

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1.      Consider the following pseudo code and write the corresponding assembly code for it 

Note: There is more credit for a shorter code. / 5 Marks

If (al > bl) AND (bl > cl)




2.      Write a subroutine to calculate the string length? / 5 Marks

3.      Write three illegal “memory addressing mode” instructions. / 3 Marks

4.      For what purpose TEST instruction is used. Explain with example. / 3 Marks

5.      Little Endian and Big Endian? Which format is used by Intel 8088 processor? / 3 Marks

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Objective Questions and MCQS:

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1) Flags register has __ control flags. 1 2 3 4

2) REP will always ___ increment cx by 1 increment cx by 2 decrement cx by 1 Decrement cx by 1

3) The physical address of the stack is obtained by the ___ combination. SS:SP

4) Execution of CALL effects ___ no. of flags.

5) The ___ directive reserves a 32bit space in memory. DD

6) The shift logical left operation inserts ___. 0 at right

7) The ___ jump is taken after a CMP if the unsigned destination is larger than the unsigned source. JA

8) The first machines ran at 4.43 MHz

9) Information is normally used in communications to verify the integrity of data sent from the sender to the receiver. Parity Flag

10) CMPS subtracts the source location from the destination location. The source location is: DS:SI

11) ___ flag is used for borrow during subtraction operation. Carry Flag

12) The maximum parameters a subroutine can receive (with the help of registers) are: 7

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13) In string instruction, cx will decrement by: 0 1 2 3

14) ASCII code for ‘A’ is: 0x0041

15) In mov word[es:160], 0x1230, 30 represents which character: 1 2 0 4

16) The first possible segment base value is: 0000

17) The default segment for register BP is: SS

18) Which of the following is true?

a. Control bus is unidirectional

b. In general memory cell cannot be wider than the width of data bus Answer

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