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CS402-Theory of Automata Quiz MCQs Lecture 23-45 Finalterm Objective Questions

CS402-Theory of Automata Quiz  MCQS #Objective #Questions #Finalterm
1. Set of all palindromes over {a, b} is:
  • Regular
  • Regular and finite
  • Regular and infinite
  • Non-regular
2. The unit production is ___
  • Terminal->Terminal
  • Terminal->Non Terminal
  • Non terminal->Terminal
  • Non terminal->Non Terminal
3. Which of the following cannot be represented by a regular expression?
  • String of 0’s with an odd length
  • String of 0’s with a prime length
  • Language of even-even
  • Language of odd-odd
4. If R is regular language and Q is any language (regular/non-regular), then Pref(___in ___) is regular.
  • Q, Q
  • Q, R
  • R, Q
  • R, R
5. If an FA accepts a word then there must exist a path from ___
  • Initial to final state
  • Initial to each state
  • Initial to each state but not to final state
  • Initial to final state by traversing each state
6. a^n b^n generates the ___ language
  • regular
  • non regular
  • EQUAL and non regular
  • EQUAL and regular
7. A language ending with ‘b’ partitions Σ* into ___ distinct classes.
  • three
  • four
  • two
  • five
8. Which of the following refers to the set of strings of letters that when concatenated to the front of some word in Q produces some word in R?
  • Postf(R in Q)
  • Postf(Q in R)
  • Pref(Q in R)
  • Pref(R in Q)
9. The CFG is said to be ambiguous if there exist at least one word of its language that can be generated by ___ production trees.
  • one
  • two
  • more than one
  • at most one
10. A problem that has decision procedure is called ___ problem
  • Regular language
  • un-decidable
  • infinite
  • decidable
11. The language  “PRIME” is an example of ___ language.
  • regular but finite
  • regular
  • non regular but finite
  • non regular
12. There is at least one production in CFG that has one___ on its left side.
  • terminal
  • null production
  • unit production
  • non terminal
13. For a non regular language, there exists ___ FA
  • one
  • at least one
  • at most one
  • no
14. Consider the following CFG:
X->Y|^   (NOTE: ^means NULL)
Which Non-terminal(s) is/are NOT nullable?
  • S
  • X
  • Y
  • S, X, and Y
15. One language can have ___ CFG(s)
  • Only one
  • At least one
  • More than one
  • At most one
16. If L1 and L2 are two regular languages, then they ___ expressed by FAs.
  • cannot be
  • maybe
  • can be
  • may or may not be
17. In a CFG, the non-terminals are denoted by ___
  • small letters
  • numbers
  • capital letters
  • small letters and numbers
18. If the FA has N states, then test the words of length less than N. If no word is accepted by this FA, then it will ___ word/words.
  • accept all
  • accept no
  • accept some
  • reject no


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