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CS403 – Database Management Systems

Assignment no. 3
Semester: SPRING 2018

Total Marks: 20
Due Date: 16, July 2018

CS403-DBMS Uploading Instructions 

· Your assignment should be in .doc /.docx format.
· Save your assignment with your ID (e.g. bc000000000.doc).
· No assignment will be accepted through email.

CS403-DBMS Rules for Marking 

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

1. The assignment is submitted after due date
2. The assignment is copied
3. The assignment solution does not have own VU-ID as database name
4. The assignment solution has other student ID

CS403-DBMS Objective

The motive of this assignment is to enable students to use tools to transform ER data model in to Relations/ Tables by using RDBMS.

CS403-DBMS ! Important things to consider !

This assignment is based on the previous assignment (Assignment No.2 solution) as given below.

CUSTOMER(custID, Name, address, email)
CATEGORY(catID, catName, intialRate)
SERVICES(serID, serTitle, serDescription, serCharges)
FOOD-ITEM( itemID, itemName, description)
MENU(menuId, no.Of.serving, Quantity, no.ofItems )
VENUE(location, city, capacity, description)
EVENT(eId, Date, timeSlot )

You are required to thoroughly observe the above relations and implement these relations using RDBMS (SQL Server).


You are required to write and run “SQL Commands” in query analyzer and provide solution of the following tasks by attaching or pasting screen shots of each command in MS Word file:

1. Create database with CREATE DATABASE command. The name of your database must be your VU ID.
2. Transform all relations into tables by CREARE TABLE command with all columns present in the above relations.
3. Define appropriate data types of each attribute or column using SQL Command.
4. Insert a single record in “EVENTS” table using SQL Command.
5. Display the inserted record of “EVENTS” table using SQL Command.

Note: You are required to Run SQL Queries for all the given tasks and attach screen shots of the required commands and outputs separately as shown in below sample screen shot.

Open the Query Analyzer, and then create a new database by your id, like a sample screenshot

Note: The assignment will be marked zero if the assignment solution does not have student own VU-ID as database name.

CS403-DBMS Assignment solution Idea Video #Must Watch👀

CS403-DBMS Assignment solution File ! Download !

  CS403 Assignment_3 Solution Spring_2018 ————————— Download


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