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CS411-Visual Programming Quiz MCQs Lecture 1-22 MidTerm Objective Questions

CS411-Visual Programming Quiz  MCQS #Objective #Questions
1. WCF stands for
  • Windows Communication Foundation 
  • Windows Class Foundation
  • Windows Classic Foundation
  • None
2. C# is a ___ and .NET is a ___.
  • Platform, Language
  • Package, Language
  • Language, Package
  • Language, Platform 
3. The ___, ___ and ___ of applications that use events, either directly or indirectly is called event-based programming.
  • Model, Code, Operation
  • Analyze, Design, Operation
  • Code, Operation, Maintain
  • Design, Coding, Operation 
4. Suppose we want to restrict the user to don’t decrease the height of a WPF element from a specific amount, then which property will be used?
  • MinHeight 
  • None
  • HeightMinimum
  • MinimumHeight
5. Types not defined in any namespace are said to reside in the ___ namespace.
  • Local 
  • Static
  • Virtual
  • Global
6. Overloaded operators must be ___
  • Referenced
  • Static 
  • Objective
  • Delegates
7. If we want to scale an object in the 2-D x-y coordinate system then which transform class will be used?
  • Rotate Transform
  • Matrix Transform
  • Translate Transform
  • Skew Transform 
8. Polymorphism works on the basis that child class should have ___ feature/s of its parent class.
  • Only one
  • No
  • Few
  • All 
9. The code given below is equivalent to ___.
  • <WhiteBrush>MyWhiteBrush</WhiteBrush>
  • None
  • <SolidColorBrush Color=”White”/>
  • <Brush Style=”SolidWhite”/>
10. We use “UIElement” property CliptoBounds = “false” when
  • We want the area of child element do not cross the boundary of parent
  • None
  • We want the area of the child element is allowed to cross the boundary of parent 
  • Parent area also increases on increasing the area of the child element
11. Additional XML namespaces (on the root or on the children) must be ___ to be used on any identifiers from that namespace.
  • Given a common prefix
  • Qualified with “Pre” keyword
  • Given a distinct prefix
  • Qualified with “Ext” keyword
12. When your C# program is compiled, it creates a file called ___
  • Assembly
  • Exe
  • Object
  • Class
13. In the context of XAML child element rules, if the child is plain text and a type converter exists to transform the child into parent type (and no properties are set on the parent element), treat the child as the input to the type converter and use the output as the ___
  • Parent object instance
  • Interface object instance
  • None
  • Child object instance
14. The ___ method is used to read the whole file at once.
  • ReadAllText(“test.txt”);
  • ReadAll();
  • Read(“test.txt”);
  • ReadLine();
15. A(n) ___ is a reference to a method.
  • Delegate
  • XAML
  • Function
  • Constructor
16. Which of the following statement is TRUE about the raw event?
  • It is introduced into an event processing system by an event producer
  • It is generated as a result of event processing
  • It is introduced into an event processing system by an event consumer
  • It is a subscription mechanism for events
17. Which of the following is an entity that introduces events into the system?
  • Event Channel
  • Eent Stream
  • Event Consumer
  • Event Producer
18. XAML is good to concisely represent ___
  • User interface
  • User logic
  • User concerns
  • User behavior
19. At the time an event is fired, the ___ methods (with that event) will be invoked.
  • Registered
  • Public
  • Protected
  • Private


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