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CS502-Fundamentals of Algorithms Quiz MCQs Lecture 23-45 Finalterm Objective Questions

CS502-Fundamentals of Algorithms Quiz  MCQS #Objective #Questions #Finalterm

1. There are no ___ edges in an undirected graph.

  • Forward
  • Back
  • Cross ✔
  • Both forward and back

2. Those problems in which Greedy finds good, but not always best is called a greedy

  • Algorithm
  • Solution
  • Heuristic ✔
  • Result

3. For an undirected graph, there is no distinction between forward and back edges.

  • True ✔
  • False

4. Counting money problem:

  • can be optimally solved by greedy algorithm ✔
  • cannot be optimally solved by greedy algorithm
  • cannot be solved by brute force algorithm
  • All of the given

5. You have an adjacency list for G, what is the time complexity to compute Graph transpose G^T?

  • (V+E) ✔
  • V.E
  • V
  • E

6. Networks are ___ in the sense that it is possible from any location in the network to reach any other location in the digraph.

  • complete ✔
  • incomplete
  • not graphs
  • transportation

7. Graph is not a good way to model some sort of “connection” or “relationship” or “interaction” between pairs of objects taken from a set of objects

  • True
  • False ✔

8. In computing the strongly connected components of a digraph, vertices of the digraph are not partitioned into subsets

  • True
  • False ✔

9. In general, the Activity Selection Problem is to select a ___

  • Minimum -size set of interfering activities
  • Maximum-size set of mutually non-interfering activities
  • Maximum-size set of interfering activities
  • Minimum-size set of mutually non-interfering activities ✔

10. Which is a true statement in the following?

  • Kruskal algorithm is a multiple source technique for finding MST
  • Kruskal’s algorithm is used to find the minimum spanning tree of a graph, time complexity of this algorithm is O(EV)
  • Both of the above ✔
  • Kruskal’s algorithm (choose best non-cycle edge) is better than Prim’s (choose best Tree edge) when the graph has relatively few edges.


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