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CS504-Software Engineering-I ASSIGNMENT 3 SOLUTION IDEA SPRING 2018 due date: 30th July, 2018

Assignment No. 03 Semester: Spring 2018
Software Engineering-1 (CS504)
Total Marks: 20 
Due Date: 30th JULY 2018 

CS504-Software Engineering-I Assignment #Instructions
  • Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment: 
  • You should submit your assignment on or before due date on VULMS.
  • Your assignment should be your own work in your own words. It should not be copied from Internet, handouts or books.
  • Your Assignment must be in Microsoft Word document. Assignment in other than Microsoft Word document will not be accepted.
  • Assignment sent via Email will not be replied and accepted.
  • If the submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt, it will not be marked and hence awarded zero marks.
  • You can use any drawing tool to draw diagram like MS Visio etc. 
CS504-Software Engineering-I Assignment #Objective
  • To improve the learnability of students.
  • To make understanding of Facade Design pattern. 
For any query about the assignment, contact at 
CS504-Software Engineering Assignment # 3
Dear Students! 
To solve this assignment, you should first understand the “textual scenario of “Doctor’s hospital” and solution in the form of Class diagram available on LMS” in second assignment. 
However, for more convenience, class diagram is also given in this assignment. 
A textual scenario of “Doctor’s hospital” was given in Assignment No 2.
Below is the solution of given scenario.

There is a possibility that you may get this class diagram with less visibility. Therefore, we uploaded same file on LMS. Please see the name of file from NOTE section of this assignment.
Question NO 1                                                                                    Marks 20
You have to perform the following tasks to complete assignment.
· Divide the system of class diagram into sub-systems. 
· The sub-systems must have high cohesion and low coupling. 
· Provide a unified interface to set of interfaces in each subsystem by applying Façade Pattern. 
· Identify all required attributes, operations in unified interface.
CS504-Software Engineering-I Assignment #Note
You can search the file with names “Class Diagram.png” and “Class diagram.pdf” under the download section on LMS. 
You may take help from attached file of Façade Pattern. 
You may also take help from the link given below. 
CS504-Software Engineering-I #Idea Solution !Download!

  CS504 Assignment_3 Idea Solution Spring_2018 ———————- Download


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