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CS602-Computer Graphics Assignment no. 3 Solution SPRING 2019 Due date: 23 July, 2019

Subject: CS602-Computer Graphics

Semester: SPRING 2019 
Assignment No. 3

Due date: 23 JULY 2019

CS602-Computer Graphics Assignment 3 #Question

Question No:1 Marks=10

Suppose a TV setup has a “fresh green” light source which is throwing light on a “dark purple” canvas to make a scene. The light source has an intensity of (0,0.9,0.1) in terms of RGB components. The intensity of canvas is (0.4,0,0.7).

1. Calculate the overall color contribution of light in relation to the canvas surface? (5 marks)

2. What color component(s) will remain absent from the scene? (3 marks)

3. Which color the canvas will look like in presence of the light source? (2 marks)

Hint: (Use piece wise multiplication method. You may check color intensities given in color. pdf file)

Question No 2: Marks=10

Consider an animated movie scene in which the animator is trying to create a pink colored scene of a doll house controlled by combining the lights from white light and red light sources. Everything in a scene is in varying shades of “pink color” which are achieved by controlling RGB components of light sources. White light at its saturation has an intensity of (1,1,1) and red light has (1,0,0).

1. Which technique is better to deal the saturation in relation to the resulting color? (Clamping/ Scaling). Give reason. (5 marks)

2. Calculate the resulting color from the technique selected. (5 marks)

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