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Subject: CS604-Operating Systems
Semester: FALL 2019
Assignment No. 1
Due date: 14 May 2019


CS604-Operating Systems Assignment 1 Solution #Question

The following figure shows the directory structure in a UNIX/Linux system. Suppose, user Hassan has a subdirectory named courses under his home directory. This directory contains subdirectories for the courses that he has taken i.e. (CS401 and CS604). 

If Hassan is currently in the courses directory than write the UNIX/Linux commands to perform following operations.

1.      How he can navigate back to his home directory?

2.      How he can navigate to his personal directory?

3.      How he can navigate to the directory for cs604 course?

4.      Right after the login, how he can display names of files and directories in his home directory? 

5.      How he can create a new directory named programs under cs604 directory?

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