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CS605 current midterm paper subjective questions and MCQS from JUNE 15 to JUNE 26, SPRING 2019

Total Questions: 23
MCQS: 18

Subjective Question: 5 
3 and 5 marks questions
CS605 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING 2 current midterm papers SPRING 2019

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1. In Controlled Decentralized, there is a defined leader who coordinates specific tasks. However, problem-solving remains a group activity
2. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has developed a framework to judge the process maturity level of an organization. This framework is known as the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).
3. The extent to which a program satisfies its specification and fulfills the customer’s mission objectives are said to be achieving the
4. FAST is the abbreviation of
Facilitated Application Specification Technology
Facilitated Application Specification Technique
Facilitated Application Specialization Technique
None of the above option
5. RAD is a high-speed adaptation of the linear sequential model in which a fully functional system in a very short time (2-3 months)
6. Correctness is defined as the degree to which software performs its function
7. According to Reel, which of the following is not a process to improve the chances of success
8. Which one is not the Software project planning activity carried out by the project manager for estimation?
Software scope estimation
Resources requirements
Time requirements
Product Quality
9. In function point analysis technique EQ stands for
10. Which of the following is not a part of Construction activity
11. ___ is the ability to encourage technical people to produce to their best.
remaining not remembered but were easy

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1. Difference between Structural rigor and casual rigor.
2. There are weak and strong entities. What types can be defined as Weak entity types?
3. Find Risk Exposure if risk probability is 50% and the total project cost is 1500000.
4. Two most widely used metrics for the measurement of software size are function points (FP) and lines of code (LOC). As per your opinion, which of them is more appropriate for measuring the size of applications? Provide the reason(s) for your answer.
5. Tech-soft is a software development company in Islamabad. Tech soft has hired new developers. They are making new software for the client. But they are facing difficulties to apprehend user requirements. So they decided to make a sample application and show it to the client for feedback. As a project manager which software lifecycle model you will choose for the above scenario and why?

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