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CS605 Software Engineering Part 2 Quiz MCQs Lecture 23-33 Objective Questions

CS605-Software Engineering Quiz #Objective #Questions

1. FTR stands for:

  • Feasibility of technical requirement
  • Fetched Technical Requirement
  • Formal Technical Review ✔
  • None

2. Configuration Auditing deals with:

  • Ensuring that Resources have been allocated properly.
  • Ensuring that changes are implemented parallel with SDLC framework activities.
  • Ensuring that the changes have been implemented properly ✔
  • All of the given

3. Poka-Yoke is the name of a:

  • QA technique ✔
  • Japanese dish
  • Idiom
  • None

4. Quality cost may be divided into costs associated with:

  • Prevention, appraisal, and failure ✔
  • Customers, developers, and maintenance
  • Builds, releases, and products
  • Bugs, errors, and Reports

5. If an error related to requirements is identified in the testing phase, this error will be considered as an error of ___

  • Requirement ✔
  • Design
  • Code
  • Testing

6. In order to use the PERT and CPM, which one of the followings is NOT required?

  • Decomposition of tasks-also known as the work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Teams communication mode details. ✔
  • Estimation of effort.
  • Interdependencies.

7. if:
E = Errors found before shipment
D = Errors found during shipment
Then Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE) is equal to:

  • DRE = E + (E+D)
  • DRE = E – (E+D)
  • DRE = E * (E+D)
  • DRE = E / (E+D) ✔

8. Following are effective guidelines for Review EXCEPT:

  • We need to review the product, not the producer
  • Be sensitive to personal egos
  • Errors should be pointed out gently
  • The tone should be high and strict ✔

9. The basic idea behind Software configuration management is:

  • To manage and control the change ✔
  • To efficiently allocate the resources
  • To properly manage status reporting
  • None

10. Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a ___ technique for assessing the progress of a project.

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative ✔
  • Subjective
  • None


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