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CS605 Software Engineering Part 2 Quiz MCQs Lecture 1-22 MidTerm Objective Questions

CS605-Software Engineering Quiz #Objective #Questions #MidTerm

1. The primary difference between an internal logical file and external interface file is that ___ is not maintained by the application being counted.

  • ILF
  • RET
  • DET
  • EIF ✔

2. If a software developer is going to develop software for a nuclear reactor which factor(s) will be more important?

  • cost-effectiveness
  • performance
  • reliability
  • both performance and reliability ✔

3. ___ deadline is one of the reasons for project failure.

  • Achievable
  • Feasible
  • Unrealistic ✔
  • Realistic

4. LOC is heavily dependent on the ___.

  • No. of document pages
  • No. of objects
  • No. of GUIs
  • Programming style ✔

5. A ___ is a user identifiable group of logically related data or control information referenced by the application.

  • EIF
  • Object
  • ILF ✔
  • Item

6. ___ is the smallest unit of activity that is meaningful to the user(s).

  • Data
  • Elementary Process ✔
  • ILF
  • EIF

7. MOI model of leadership stands for

  • Motivation, Operationalize, Integration
  • Misunderstanding, Object, Ideas
  • Motivation, Organization, Innovation ✔

8. In Capability Maturity Model (CMM), ___ performs optimization.

  • level 1
  • level 2
  • level 3
  • level 5 ✔

9. Software ___ related individual software measures to provide a normalized view.

  • Measure
  • Metric ✔
  • Plan
  • Attribute

10. ILF is a___ identifiable group of logically control information ___ the boundary of the application.

  • user, within ✔
  • user, without
  • user, along
  • all of the given

11. ___ technique was initially developed for manufacturing processes in the 1920’s by Walter Shewart.

  • Upper Control line
  • Control chart
  • CMP
  • Quality

12. The extent to which a program can be reused in other applications is called ___

  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Reusability

13. Empirical models are statistical models and are based upon ___

  • Historic data
  • Control data
  • Current data
  • Statistical

14. In context of “individual control chart”, if a single metrics value lies outside UNPL, it means that:

  • The process has been matured
  • The process is not mature yet
  • Process is out of control
  • Process is within control

15. The extent to which a program can be expected to perform its intended function with required precision is called ___

  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Portability
  • Maintainability

16. Several Entities are always created ___ and deleted together then this is a strong idication that they should be grouped into ___ logical file/files.

  • Together, Single
  • Together, Multiple
  • Together, Double
  • All of the given

17. We need to employ some statistical techniques and plot the results ___. These are known as statistical control techniques.

  • Graphically
  • Automatically
  • Manually
  • Personally

18. ___ is the measure of how many defects are removed by the quality assurance processes before the product is shipped for operation.

  • Removal Deficiency
  • Defect removal efficiency
  • Bug report
  • Bug tracking algorithm

19. When more than one users interpret the same requirement in different ways then we can say that the requirement is:

  • None
  • Incomplete
  • Ambiguous
  • Incorrect

20. Effort required to test a program to ensure that it performs its intended function ___

  • Testability
  • Bug fixing
  • Debugging
  • Security

21. If we plot a graph between defects reported, and defects fixed then:

  • Difference between defects reported and fixed will show the defect yet to be fixed
  • This graph will show that the defect detection process is not accurate
  • This graph will show that some requirements are ambiguous
  • We can not draw any information from that graph

22. Identify the TRUE statement:

  • Same process metrics may vary from project to project
  • Process metrics never vary from project to project
  • Process metrics applied on one project can not be applied on the other
  • None

23. ___ files are the logical files that the customer understands must be maintained by the system.

  • None
  • External
  • Logical
  • Internal


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