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CS606-Compiler Construction Assignment no. 2 Solution SPRING 2019 Due date: 03 June, 2019

Subject: CS606-Compiler Construction

Semester: SPRING 2019
Assignment No. 2
Due date: 03 JUNE 2019

CS606-Compiler Construction Assignment 2 #Question
Write grammar for the following languages:
(a+ b) *bb (a+ b) *
 (aa*(ab+ a) *)

All sequences of a’s and b’s with no more than three a’s.

Consisting of all strings of a’s and b’s that contain a different number of a’s and b’s.

To understand the grammar visit the following link:

CS606-Compiler Construction Assignment 2 Solution! Download!

CS606 Assignment_2 Solution SPRING_2019 ———————- Download


Anam Afzal

Anam Afzal

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