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CS610 mid term current paper subjective questions and mcqs from June 23 – July 04 Spring 2018

Total Questions: 23
MCQS: 18
Subjective Question: 5
3 and 5 marks questions
Time required: 1 hour


Subjective Questions are:
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1.      Four Factors of classification of network.  / marks 5

2.      Determine the addressing schemes/address methods in the following:  / marks 5

a.      the hardware manufacturer assigns permanent physical address to each network interface

b.      the address can be set by the end user either manually or electronically

c.       the interface automatically assigns physical address each time it is powered up

3.      Suppose you want to add a large number of systems in WAN. Then which switching deviceswill be used? Give its types and also differentiate between them.  / marks 5

4.      Which network device is used that handle the communication between two computers across WAN?  / marks 3

5.      Name Classes of cables which are used as transmission medium in network.  / Marks 3

Objective Questions/MCQS are: (mostly from past papers) + Handout

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1.      ___ Program sends a message to a remote computer and reports whether the computer responds Answer: Ping

2.      A __ is an alternative of a packet used with a specific type of network. Answer: Frame

3.      Formally named ___ informally known as the Thick-net or Thick wire Ethernet. Answer: 10-BASE 5

4.      Thin Ethernet interface uses ___ Connector. Answer: BNC

5.      __ computes shortest paths in a graph by using weights on edges as a measure of distance. Answer: Dijkstra’s Algorithm

6.      ___________ is used for Compressed audio and video, which depends on the level of compression. Answer: VBR

7.      A network with throughput T and delay D has a total of ________ bit in transit at any time. Answer: T x D

8.      Wireless LAN uses __ technique. Answer: CSMA/CA

9.      One repeater _______, two repeaters ________ the maximum cable length limitation.  Answer: doubles, triples

10.  Preamble consists of __ bits in Ethernet frame. Answer: 8 bits

11.  Gigabit Ethernet hardware operates at rate of:

a.      10 Mbps

b.      100 Mbps

c.       1000 Mbps Answer (not confirmed)

d.      10 Gbps

12.  OSI model has ___ layers. Answer: 7

13.  In Broadcast topology there are two categories. Answer: Satellite/Radio and Ring

14.  Most WAN systems include a mechanism that can be used to eliminate the common case of duplication routing is called___. Answer: Default routes

15.  CRC has hardware components ___. Answer: XOR unit and Shift Register

16.  In p-2p, adding new computer requires __ new connections. Answer: n-1

17.  the interface automatically assigns physical address each time it boots first. Answer: Dynamic addressing scheme

18.  Bridges use __ to forward copy of frame.

a.      Source address

b.      destination address Answer (not confirmed)

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Subjective Questions:
đź‘€Recommended: CS610 short notes

1.      Four factors of classification of networks.

2.      An Organization has 50 computers, Network administrator feels that Packet switch did not deliver the packet, it is delaying the packet. Tell which kind of delay it is and type the effective delay formula, if idle delay and network is provided.

3.      Shortest path btana tha from node 2 to node 7, Dijkstra’s Algorithm k according. Diagram was given

4.      In which part of frame, the source and destination address are located?

5.      Does Repeaters can distinguish between Frames? How many maximum repeaters are required to separate 2 Segments in network?

Objective Questions/MCQS:

1.      In P-2-P topology there are two topologies. Answer: STAR & TREE

2.      ATM (Asynchronous Transferred Mode) assigns each VC (virtual channels (VC) or virtual circuits) a ___ identifier that is divided two parts to produce a hierarchy. Answer: 24-bit

3.      ___ scheme, which is designed to help detect transmissions errors, send one extra bit of information with each character. Answer: Parity Checking

4.      Formally named __________ informally known as the twisted pair Ethernet or TP Ethernet.Answer: 10-BASE T

5.      Formally named __________ informally known as the thick wire Ethernet or Thick net. Answer: 10-BASE 5

6.      OSI model has ___ layers. Answer: 7

7.      In p-2-p, adding new computer requires __ new connections. Answer: n-1

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