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DGL101 Digital Literacy Digiskills Video lectures All in One

Dear Students, in this course you will learn office tools. It will give you hands on training in MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS POWERPOINT, INTERNET & E-MAIL APPS. Its aim is to raise the user’s knowledge by providing training in such productive tools. It is very useful for the person who wishes to seek information of the computer world. This course has been compiled and developed by Virtual University of Pakistan. 

After completing this course you will be able to: 

  • Identify basic hardware, software and storage devices. 
  • Work within the userinterface of MS Office. 
  • Use new features in excel. 
  • Work with the design envronment of MS powerpoint. 
  • Use search and browse the internet. 

👉For more information please visit: Digiskills DGL101 course details