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How to download/install Mathtype for free | Software for typing Math equations | Equation editor

Need to add math equation to word documents or assignments?
Here is how you can make it possible.
Download the math type software in order to write complex equations, all in electronic forms.
Math-Type is an excellent Equation Editor, compatible with Microsoft office tools i.e. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Math-type Equation Editor

Please follow the following steps to download the software and write your complex mathematical equations using MathType-Equation Editor.

👉Go to this link: install -> Mathtype.exe
and download MathType software with
serial key: download -> Mathtype serial key.txt


👍Download complete single folder here:
Math type with serial key
➽ Accept the MathType End-user license agreement. and click Next >

➽ After installation:
Copy the serial key from Serial keys.txt and fill the other required info. and then click Next.

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➽ Installation complete…

➽ Click Exit Setup.
Mathtype was successfully installed.


Enjoy the Equation Editor!


✋If this seems difficult, you can also view the following video to easily install Mathtype.👀

Hope it was helpful.

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