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How to use Wi-Fi bridge and configure it on HUAWEI devices | Tutorial

What is Wi-fi Bridge?

The wifi bridge turns your smartphone into a mobile hotspot so you can save money on mobile data and get secure wifi access anywhere in the world, quickly and easily.
Wi-Fi bridge is a supported feature for some HUAWEI devices, this is helpful for extending your Wi-Fi coverage area effectively. Wi-fi bridge works by receiving a Wi-Fi signal, then transmitting it with amplified power to achieve outstanding reception.

The Wi-Fi bridge feature can be used for extending the range of your existing wireless network so that you can enjoy high-speed network connections throughout your home. If you have already established a wireless network, you can use this same network to add new devices – either wirelessly or through wired connections.

WiFi Bridge is simple to set up but you will have to follow a couple of steps. Please follow the below instruction to make a wi-fi bridge in HUAWEI devices:


Go to Settings -> Open “Wireless & networks”


Click “Tethering & portable hotspot”


Click the option “Wi-Fi Bridge”


Click “Set Wi-Fi Bridge”


Now Configure your Wi-fi bridge settings

Setup a hotspot name and password


Save it and Enable it to connect to nearby devices

Note: You can connect a maximum of 4 devices at a time.


A wifi bridge can help you boost the wifi signal of your mobile phone, but it will consume more battery which results in faster battery draining and heating up of a device. So wifi boost is not recommended if you do not have enough power or do not want to charge the battery frequently.

Save your mobile data and hotspot allowance by using a WiFi bridge to share the WiFi signal from your mobile phone or tablet to your other devices. Please make sure your devices are supported. You may find Huawei Share or multi-screen is still in use when you are trying to use a WiFi bridge. So turn off Huawei Share and multi-screen before trying to use the function. Once you have set up the feature, you can enjoy seamless video sharing with family and friends, as well as smooth multiplayer gaming between smart devices.

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