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How to write/type urdu On PC/Laptop | Pak Urdu Installer | how to download urdu typing software?

You want to type Urdu documents in MS Word or want to search on Google or any other search Engine in Urdu. Here we have a solution i.e. Pak Urdu installer software. Type Urdu on MS word, Facebook, Photoshop and anywhere on Internet or Computer.

Download it from here: Urdu typing software PAK Urdu Installer
👉Now right click and Run as Administrator

👉Now click Next and then click Install.

👉Final step (Restart PC): Choose Yes if you want to Restart immediately otherwise No if you want to restart later, then click Finish.

đź‘€NOTE: Restart is must required.
👉After restarting, go to the task bar and change your language preferences from ENG to URDU when you want to type Urdu.

Here you see ENG changes to Urdu آر

Also see video if you didn’t get it right.

Pak Urdu installer KEYBOARDđź’» Layout:


Shift key

ALTGr key

ALTGr + Shift key

For more information Visit: Pak Urdu Installer

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