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IT430-E-Commerce Assignment no. 3 Solution SPRING 2019 Due date: 18 July, 2019

Subject: IT430-E-Commerce

Semester: SPRING 2019
Assignment No. 3
Due date: 18 JULY 2019

IT430-E-Commerce Assignment 3 #Question
You are required to design web page as per the following screenshot (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).


1.      You are required to develop a web page using HTML and JavaScript as per above Images.

2.      Design your assignment as per the above Images. (Assignment with the different designs will be marked zero)

3.      To answer should be displayed on changes of the dropdown list.

4.      Do not use any button to display the answer on the web page.

IT430-E-Commerce Assignment 3 Solution! Video!

IT430-E-Commerce Assignment 3 Solution! Download!

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