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PHY301-Circuit Theory Quiz MCQs Lecture 23-45 Finalterm Objective Questions

PHY301-Circuit Theory Quiz  MCQS #Objective #Questions #Finalterm

1. To which of the winding of transformer alternating voltage is applied

  • primary winding ✔
  • secondary winding

2. A transformer will be out of phase when

  • output voltage is 0 degree out of phase with input voltage
  • output voltage is 180 degree out of phase with input voltage ✔
  • output voltage is 360 degree out of phase with input voltage
  • output voltage is same as input voltage

3. For secondary turns of 10 and primary turns of 20, the turn ratio is

  • 20:20
  • 10:20
  • 10:10
  • 20:10 ✔

4. which relation is true for transformer primary and secondary power

  • V1V2=I1I2
  • V2I2=V1I1 ✔
  • V2I1=V1I2
  • I2I1=V2V1

5. For I-V curve of a diode, a changing current from 20 mA to 10mA and voltage from 0.72v to 0.78v, cause AC resistance of value

  • 8 ohms
  • 6ohms ✔
  • 1.66 ohms
  • none

6. Thermal ionization in semiconductor results creating of

  • only free electrons
  • only holes
  • both free electrons and holes ✔
  • nothing

7. When germanium crystal is doped with a phosphorus atom, it becomes

  • P-type semiconductor
  • N-type semiconductor ✔
  • Insulator
  • photo-transistor

8. A transformer has turn ratio 5 and the secondary voltage is 10v, the primary voltage is

  • 25v
  • 2v ✔
  • 0.5v
  •  100

9. Addition of impurities in semiconductor material to produce more current is called

  • intrinsic
  • dopping ✔
  • bonding
  • excitation

10. For forward biased condition of P-N junction

  • +ve polarity to N electrode and -ve polarity to P electrode
  • +ve polarity to both N and P electrode
  • +ve polarity to P electrode and -ve polarity to N electrode ✔
  • -ve polarity to both N and P electrode


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