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User Registration Login Logout System with source code Free Download | Core PHP Project

Dear students, Here you can Download Simple User Registration, Login and Logout System. This is a free Core PHP Project made by Superstarwebtech (SSWT). You can download it for free with source code. If you want to know: How the Registration and Login Logout System works? Then this Registration System will be of great help to you if you are a beginner in PHP. All project files are well coded and well commented. You can easily understand if you have basic knowledge of PHP and MYSQLi. We use Xampp as localhost. So, make sure you have it installed on your Laptop/PC. The Database file is also available. Moreover, the project is fully responsive made using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. If you need any help, feel free to contact us.

Please follow the following Steps from download to running on localhost:

Step-1: Download the .zip Project File

Your first step is to Download the Project from the following Link:

User_Registration_Login_Logout_System (Free Core PHP Project) —— Download

Step-2: Extract the .zip file and Place in Xampp->htdocs folder

Next Step is to Extract the .zip file
Go to This PC -> OS(C:) -> xampp -> htdocs
and Paste the folder (Register_Login_Logout_System) in htdocs folder

Note: Please install Xampp server in order to run your Project. You can download it from

Step-3: Start the LocalHost

Now open Xampp Control Panel

  1. Start the Apache Module and
  2. Start the MySQL Module

Step-4: Import Database

Go to your browser and type the following URL:

  • Click Databases from Top Bar
  • Create a New DataBase with the name “login_system”
  • Now click Import from Top Bar
  • Click Choose File

And select the Database file from the folder

And then click Go
Your database file has been Imported

Step-5: Run the Project on LocalHost

Now type the following URL in Browser

You will see an index page

  • Now Run and Test the Project according to your requirement Either Register or Login

Note: Login Credentials (Username: admin or Email: and Password: aa1234)
You can also register a new user and then Log In using that new user.

Need any Help? Feel free to ask any related question. 


Anam Afzal

Anam Afzal

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