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VU Online Exam Software Student Guide & Testing VUTES 7.0 | Practice for Exams

VUTES 7.0 Exam Software Step-by-step Student Guide 

Dear students, here you can see the complete step-by-step guide for using Exam software VUTES 7.0. Follow the instructions carefully in order to get knowledge on how to give paper online in VU exams.

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Important INSTRUCTIONS before going to Examination Hall:
1. You shall report at the exam center 30 minutes before the starting time of your paper. You are required to bring the Exam Entrance Slip along with your original CNIC or VU ID Card.

2. Candidates failing to produce the Exam Entrance Slip would not be allowed to enter the Examination Hall.

3. Mobile phones and any other electronic device is strictly prohibited. If found, then it will be confiscated and your paper will immediately be cancelled.
4. Any weapons are strictly prohibited in the Examination Hall.

• Keep visiting VULMS notice board and your VU email for up to date information about your examination.
• Candidates who came 15 minutes after the start of paper will be treated as Absent.
• Center Management is not responsible for keeping students’ belongings/valuables.

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Exam Software Step-by-step Guide (Practice for Exams)

See the following tutorial video to know about VU Exam software or see the below Step-by-step Guide:

In order to practice for exams go to the following Link:
For practice Required Software include:

  • Microsoft internet Explorer (8 or above)
  • VUTES Add on
VUTES Demo Exam software

VUTES is Designed & Developed by: VU-IT Department

Now click on start Demo In order to start practicing.

Log-In Page

On the login page:
Enter your VU student id: BC12345678
and Password: **** given on your exam slip
“But on the demo page use it as GUEST”

Log-In Page

Instructions Page

Now your Instructions Page will load. Before starting your Exam, Read the given instructions (both General and Course) carefully.

General and Course Instructions Page

Check the box ☑ I here by confirm that I have read above instructions carefully
Press Start Paper Button

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Main paper Screen

Now you will see your main paper screen like the following, which have different sections of information i.e. Questions, Answer boxes, Time slot, Navigation buttons etc.

Main paper screen
Main Screen – TOP section

The main screen TOP section includes:

Main screen-TOP section

1. Course Description including: Course Code & Title
2. Student Description: Id & Name
3. Current Question no. & Total no. of Questions
4. Marks and Budgeted time for Questions
5. Student Image (You can hide or unhide it.)

Main Screen – BOTTOM Section 

The main screen BOTTOM section contains:

Main screen-BOTTOM section

1. Time slot having: Start time and Time left
2. Instructions/Help button
3. Question Navigations Buttons to move to Next or Previous Question
        Button sequence: First, Previous, Next, Last
4. Save Answer Button
      (Remember to press save button every time when you edit your answer/mcq’s option)
5. Status Bar for attempted (green color) / unattempted (white color) questions
6. Conduct Instructions
7. Finish Exam Link (Click this link to finish your exam)


The instructions icon available at the bottom of the Main screen will allow you to open and read the software related instructions.


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Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice question:


1. Select the desired option by clicking the radio button
2. Press the Save button to save the selected option
3. Use navigation buttons to move to The Next or Previous Question

Tip: Inform immediately examiners on duty if you face any problem using PC/mouse.

Descriptive/Subjective Questions

Descriptive Questions

1. Press “Click Here” to enable the text editor of answer panel to write the answer
2. Standard toolbar of the text editor for various options
3. Text formatting toolbar of the text editor
4. Write the answer in this answer panel (Use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste from other software if applicable)
Then Press save button and use navigation button to move to next/previous question



It is advised to all the concerned students to use the following steps to make diagrams for VU Exam software.
1. Draw pictures in MS Word through Drawing tools
2. Create a single group of all the objects
3. Copy the grouped objects (right click on group and then click Copy)

4. Paste into Exam software.
The following example is given for your reference; the diagram was made in MS Word and then pasted here after making group.
  • If in any case you are drawing in “paint” don’t copy image directly from paint, instead first copy the image to “MS Word” and then copy to the Exam Software.
  • You can save data maximum up to 2 MB in a single descriptive question.
  • For larger images, save as monochrome bitmap image in MS paint and then paste it into exam software.
Finish Paper Screen

Paper Finish screen:

Finish Paper Screen

1. Press “Click here to FINISH your Exam” on the bottom of the paper
2. Info panel shows the total number of attempted questions
3. Click RESUME button if you want to continue the paper
4. Click ☑ check box to enable the Finish Button
5. Press Finish button to Finish the Exam
6. Click OK button to confirm the Finish Exam

Thank You! Screen

Thank you!

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