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CS610-Computer Networking Quiz MCQs Lecture 23-45 Finalterm Objective Questions

CS610-Computer Networking Quiz  MCQS #Objective #Questions #Finalterm

1. Postfix defines how much of an address used to identify the network.

  • True
  • False ✔

2. ___ is a technique used to Limit datagram size to small MTU of any network.

  • Segmentation
  • Fragmentation ✔
  • Encapsulation
  • None

3. The address ___ identifies the physical network to which the computer is attached, while the ___ identifies an individual computer on that network.

  • prefix, suffix ✔
  • suffix, prefix
  • suffix, suffix
  • None

4. ___ layer provides reliable delivery of datagram.

  • Network
  • Transport ✔
  • Datalink
  • None

5. Routers use ___ to forward datagrams along a prearranged path.

  • Flow label ✔
  • Destination address
  • Traffic class
  • None

6. One of the parameters, which motivated IP for change is address space. The ___ address space allows for over a million networks. But most networks are class C and too small for many organizations.

  • 32-bit ✔
  • 128-bit
  • 16-bit
  • 64-bit

7. Inside a computer, each address mask is stored as a ___-bit value.

  • 48
  • 64
  • 16
  • 32 ✔

8. In ___, the protocol address assigned to a computer is chosen carefully so that the computer’s hardware address can be computed from the protocol address using Boolean and arithmetic operations.

  • Table Lookup
  • Address Resolution
  • Message Exchange
  • Closed-form Computation ✔

9. As the internet grew, the original classfull addressing scheme became a limitation. The IP address space was being exhausted because all networks had to choose one of two possible sizes.

  • True ✔
  • False

10. ___ protocols of the TCP/IP layering model specify the format of packets sent across the internet as well as the mechanisms used to forward packets from a computer through one or more routers to a final destination.

  • Physical Layer
  • Network Interface Layer
  • Internet Layer ✔
  • Transport Layer


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