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MGT610-Buisness Ethics Quiz MCQs Lecture 23-45 Finalterm Objective Questions

MGT610-Buisness Ethics Quiz MCQS #Objective #Questions #FinalTerm
1. The antitrust view is based on a number of assumptions. Who has summarized the basic propositions this traditional view is based on?
2. Which of the following view argues that prices nd profits in highly concentrated industries are higher than they should be?
3. Water pollution comes from all except?
4. Fossil fuels include all except?
  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Wind
  • Natural gas
5. Which of the following is TRUE regarding acid rain?
6. Which of the following statement is TRUE?
7. Which of the following refers to the saving or rationing of natural resources for later use?
8. Which of the following views claims that the power of oligopolies is not as large as it appears?
9. How much pounds of plutonium waste has been produced by each nuclear reactor every year?
  • 255
  • 260
  • 265
  • 275
10. Resource depletion may be in any form except?

11. Which of the following is signed by the buyer and seller that details the terms of a purchase?

12. Who argued that misrepresentation in the making of a contract cannot be universalized?
  • Rawls
  • Kant
  • Adam Smith
  • None
13. Who should bear the costs of pollution control?
14. Relationship between a business firm and consumer essentially be?
15. Group of thinkers, sees the key form of hierarchy connected to the destruction of the environment as the domination of women by men is known as?
16. Internalizing external costs is also consistent with which form of justice?
  • Retributive
  • Compensatory justice
  • Both a & b
  • None
17. Saving of finite and depletable resources of the world is known as?
18. All of the following are the reasons due to which our probability judgements may go wrong except
19. Which of the following makes freedom of choice impossible?
20. Which of the following includes the costs that the firm does not pay the costs of pollution and medical care that result from the manufacture of the commodities?
  • Social costs
  • Private costs
  • Public costs
  • Personal costs


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